Little Miss of America 2017

      Bailey O’Dell

Bailey O’Dell of Jacksonville, Florida was crowned Little Miss of America in Atlanta, Georgia in March 2017. Prior to being awarded the national title, Bailey was awarded the title Little Miss of Texas 2016 in November 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

Bailey has been involved in many volunteering opportunities with her favorite being organizing a teddy bear drive for the children of Wolfson Children Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida for Valentines Day. She recently received an award for “character education for kindness” from her school for her volunteering efforts.

Bailey will be a 4th grader for the 2017-2018 school year and is a straight A student. Her favorite subject in school is math. In addition to being a great student, she also enjoys playing sports. Bailey is currently on two fast pitch softball teams and is a pitcher. She has also played basketball and was a gymnast.

Bailey enjoys being around people and making friends everywhere she goes. As Little Miss of America 2017, Bailey will serve as an inclusion ambassador for the R Word Initiative and Special Olympics Minnesota, which is the American Pageants’ charitable alliance. She is also looking forward to making memories with her sister queens and all the candidates and state titleholders during her reign!

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