Junior Miss of America 2017

      Giselle Ashton

Crowned Junior Miss of America this past March in Atlanta, Giselle Ashton is the 14-year-old daughter of Heather Jo Ashton and younger sister of Taylore Ashton from Brady, Texas. She will be a freshman at Brady High School this coming fall.

Giselle’s interests include riding horses, spending time with animals and judging for her local 4-H. Once a week, Giselle delivers farm fresh eggs from her family and brings them to her local food bank. She enjoys playing basketball and tennis. An avid volunteer with her spare time, Giselle also enjoys helping with the younger children at her church and plans to start a youth choir.

Giselle maintains a 4.0 GPA in school and with math as her favorite subject, she plans to attend college out of state with the hope of seeking an engineering or pre-law degree. Between now and then, she appreciates being a small-town teen, spending time with friends, and looks forward to future endeavors.

Last year as Young Miss of Texas 2016, she held an inclusion event which brought together some Brady area Special Olympics Athletes and some of Brady ISD student body. The event consisted of good food and fun games such as: water balloon toss, relay racing while balancing an egg on a spoon, and racing to pop a balloon. As Junior Miss of America 2017, Giselle will continue to serve as an inclusion ambassador for the R-Word Initiative and Special Olympics Minnesota, which is the American Pageants’ charitable alliance. She is the first to represent this new age division which was created when the original age group (13 to 18) for the existing title of Miss Teen of America was split. Giselle cherishes the memories that she has made so far with the American Pageants Family and looks forward to many more!

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